Spring Term 2023:

Wednesday 11th January to Wednesday 29th MarchHalf Term Break 15th February
Concert at St Catherine of Siena

General Information


Norma Crockett: Chairman

Ann Moore: Secretary

Hilary Goldson: Treasurer

Jane Howe: Membership Secretary

Hazel Archer: Publicity

Sue Hennell: Venues Co-ordinator


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Dress code means black trousers or long black skirt, plain white long-sleeved blouse with collar, and blue scarf(on loan from choir)

On concert days we use a blue folder (on loan from choir). Members bring a contribution to the after-concert tea. Choir pays, from subscriptions, all costs of putting on concerts - all the money raised goes direct to the chosen charity.

Subscription is £50 per term payable at beginning of term (subject to review.)

Ian orders new music, members repay him on receipt.

Absence: planned absence should be put in Ian’s book. For short notice absence contact your rep.

Soprano - Hazel Archer

2nd Soprano - Fiona Connolly

Alto - Sheena Tutton

If rep is not available phone Norma.

Rehearsal Interval - tea and biscuits @ 20p per week. Please pay for the term.

The places where we sing:

St Catherine of Siena Wittenham Avenue, Tilehurst RG31 5LN

St Mary’s Church Church Lane, Burghfield Village RG30 3TG

St Stephen’s Church Pangbourne Rd, Upper Basildon RG8 8LS

St Luke’s Church Englefield Road, Theale RG7 5AS