Conditions of Membership 

We are delighted that you have joined Vivace Voices and hope you enjoy singing with the  choir. There are a few conditions of membership which we ask you to observe. 

Auditions for established and new members will be held at the discretion of the  Director 

Subscriptions are due at the beginning of each term. Payment may be made online or by  cheque payable to Vivace Voices.

As our expenses remain the same regardless of the number of members, those who are absent for any length of time are expected to pay a full subscription. In cases where absence is for medical/compassionate reasons a percentage may be agreed. 

Prompt payment is required for music ordered. 

Members are expected to do all they can to advertise concerts to ensure maximum audience. 

A minimum attendance of 75% of rehearsals together with the final rehearsal must have been attended to qualify to sing in any concert. The director has discretion to vary this rule in individual cases. 

Advance notice of absence should be noted in the Director’s “blue book”.  

Short notice absence should be sent to the section representative.

Members are expected to learn and practise music at home between rehearsals to the  best of their ability. 

Members are asked to arrive in good time for a prompt start at 1:15pm  

Members are asked not to talk at inappropriate times during rehearsals. 

Members are required to observe the dress code of black trousers or skirt, plain white long-sleeved blouse with collar and blue scarf (supplied by choir) to ensure the choir presents a professional image at concerts. 

Ian Westley

Director of Music 

February 2020